The Gibb Group News

Hannah defends thesis // 01.04.21

Hannah Aziz successfully defended her MSc thesis on the “Synthesis of Cavitands and an Exploration of their Guest Binding” on 18 December 2020. Congratulations!

Xiaoyang defends dissertation // 07.27.20

Xiaoyang Cai successfully defended his dissertation today via Zoom. Congratulations, Xiaoyang!

Gibb group responds to COVID–19 // 04.06.20

The Chemistry Department at Tulane University has donated over 200 boxes of gloves and over 470 litres of WHO standard hand sanitiser to local healthcare facilities in support of the frontline medical workers combating the READ MORE…

Sully defends dissertation // 04.03.20

Matt Sullivan successfully defended his dissertation today via Zoom. Congratulations, Sully!

Wei defends dissertation // 03.26.20

Wei Yao successfully defended his dissertation today via Zoom. Congratulations, Wei!

Tulane moves to online instruction // 03.23.20

Tulane University has officially moved all in-person classes to exclusively online instruction. This change was brought about by the the closure of the university to undergraduates brought about by the CoVid–19 outbreak.

Lab closure // 03.20.20

The Gibb group will officially be closed until the duration of the state-wide Stay Home mandate brought about by CoVid–19.

SAMPL7 paper published in ChemSci // 03.18.20

A new paper featuring octa acid and novel exo-octa acid was published in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s flagship journal Chemical Science. The paper discusses the effects on pocket binding by proximal and distal charged READ MORE…

Ted Wyshel joins group // 01.01.20

Ted Wyshel, a sophomore undergraduate student, joins the Gibb group as an undergraduate researcher. He will be working under Corinne Gibb on the synthesis and properties of chiral deep-cavity cavitands.

New graduate students join the group // 10.01.19

Four new graduate students join the Gibb group this fall: Ruiquing Wang, Yujian Xu, Yahya Ismaiel, and Thien Tran. Welcome, all!