The Gibb Group News

New undergraduate researchers join the group!! // 09.11.17

Three new undergraduate researchers join the group: Rhea Kataria, Isabelle Mays, and Mary Teeler. Say hello to them when you see them in the lab!!

Graduate Students Present at National Meeting // 08.24.17

Graduate Students, Wei, Xiaoyang, and Jacobs present their research at the ACS National Meeting in Washington D.C. August 20 – 24 Xiaoyang (Supramolecular Catalyst for Halogenation Reaction) and Wei (Hydrated anions binding within the water-soluble READ MORE…

Jacobs, Wei, & Xiaoyang will present at ACS Washington D.C. // 05.17.17

Jacobs’, Wei’s & Xiaoyang’s papers were selected for presentations at the 254nd ACS National Meeting in Washington D.C. All three will present in the Organic Division in the themed symposium Molecular Recognition and Self-Assembly. Jacobs READ MORE…

Students present research at SSE research day! // 04.06.17

Graduate Students Jacobs Jordan and Kaiya Wang present their research at Tulane University’s annual School of Science & Engineering research day. Jacobs poster titled The Reverse Hofmeister Effect in Synthetic Hosts and Kaiya’s poster presentation READ MORE…

Kaiya presents at ACS 2017 // 04.04.17

Kaiya presents his poster entitled “Reactions and Separations Using Supramolecular Compartments” at the ACS National Meeting in San Francisco.

Kaiya publishes paper! // 04.03.17

Kaiya publishes paper: Mapping the Binding Motifs of Deprotonated Monounsaturated Fatty Acids and Their Corresponding Methyl Esters within Supramolecular Capsules DOI: 10.1021/acs.joc.7b00264

Wei’s paper get’s published! // 03.24.17

Wei Yao’s paper “The Aqueous Supramolecular Chemistry of Cucrbit[n]urils, Pillar[n]arenes and Deep-Cavity Cavitands” is published in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Chem. Soc. Rev.

Graduate Students join the group! // 11.30.16

Graduate Students Hannah Aziz, and Nicholas Ernst join the gibbgroup. Both students are first-year graduate students at Tulane University.

Paolo Suating Joins the Group // 11.22.16

Paolo Suating, a new first year graduate student at Tulane, joins the gibbgroup.

Jacobs presents at SWRM // 11.12.16

Jacobs presents oral presentation <em>Deep-cavity cavitands and anion recognition</em> at the 72nd Annual Southwest Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Galveston, TX November 10th-13th.