The Gibb Group News

Students present research at SSE research day! // 04.06.17

Graduate Students Jacobs Jordan and Kaiya Wang present their research at Tulane University’s annual School of Science & Engineering research day. Jacobs poster titled The Reverse Hofmeister Effect in Synthetic Hosts and Kaiya’s poster presentation READ MORE…

Kaiya presents at ACS 2017 // 04.04.17

Kaiya presents his poster entitled “Reactions and Separations¬†Using¬†Supramolecular Compartments” at the ACS National Meeting in San Francisco.

Kaiya publishes paper! // 04.03.17

Kaiya publishes paper: Mapping the Binding Motifs of Deprotonated Monounsaturated Fatty Acids and Their Corresponding Methyl Esters within Supramolecular Capsules DOI: 10.1021/acs.joc.7b00264

Wei’s paper get’s published! // 03.24.17

Wei Yao’s paper “The Aqueous Supramolecular Chemistry of Cucrbit[n]urils, Pillar[n]arenes and Deep-Cavity Cavitands” is published in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s¬†Chem. Soc. Rev.

Graduate Students join the group! // 11.30.16

Graduate Students Hannah Aziz, and Nicholas Ernst join the gibbgroup. Both students are first-year graduate students at Tulane University.

Paolo Suating Joins the Group // 11.22.16

Paolo Suating, a new first year graduate student at Tulane, joins the gibbgroup.

Jacobs presents at SWRM // 11.12.16

Jacobs presents oral presentation <em>Deep-cavity cavitands and anion recognition</em> at the 72nd Annual Southwest Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Galveston, TX November 10th-13th.

Jacobs wins SWRM Student Presenter Travel Scholarships // 10.03.16

Jacobs wins one of the eight 2016 SWRM Student Presenter Travel Scholarships to attend the 72nd Southwest Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society. More details on the meeting can be found here.

Graduate Students Present at National Meeting // 08.25.16

Graduate Students Kiaya Wang, and Jacobs Jordan present their research at the ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia. The meeting was August 21 – 25, and both students gave oral presentations in the Molecular Recognition and READ MORE…

Matt’s paper published in Org. Lett. // 08.18.16

Matt H. publishes paper Synthesis of Water-Soluble Deep-Cavity Cavitands just published in Org. Lett. Contributing authors include C. Gibb, P. Sokkalingam, J. Jordan. Hillyer, M. B.; Gibb, C. L. D.; Sokkalingam, P.; Jordan, J. H.; READ MORE…