Paolo Suating (PhD, Tulane University, 2022; Department of Chemistry, Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas).

Nicholas E. Ernst (PhD, Tulane University, 2021; Department of Chemistry and Physics, Purdue University Northwest).

Hannah Aziz (MSc, Tulane University, 2020).

Xiaoyang Cai (PhD, Tulane University, 2020).

Matthew “Sully” Sullivan (PhD, Tulane University, 2020).

Wei Yao (PhD, Tulane University, 2020).

Thong “Tom” T. Nguyen (PhD, Tulane University, 2018).

Matthew B. Hillyer (PhD, Tulane University, 2018; US Department of Agriculture).

Jacobs H. Jordan (PhD, Tulane University, 2018; US Department of Agriculture).

Kaiya Wang (PhD, Tulane University, 2017).

Punidha Sokkalingam (PhD, Indian Institute of Technology, 2007) Post-doctoral researcher, University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Kangwon National University; Tulane University (2013-2016).

Estelle Oertling (MS, Louisiana State University) Medical School, Louisiana State University

Dr. Simin Liu (PhD, Wuhan University) Post-doctoral researcher, University of Maryland. Post-doctoral researcher, University of New Orleans (2007-2011), Tulane University (2012-2013).

Dr. Sarah Whisenhunt (PhD, U. of New Orleans). Senior Laboratory Analyst at Geocent for NASA.

Dr. Haiying Gan, post-doctoral researcher, University of Notre Dame.

Christopher Benjamin (B.Sc. U. of New Orleans).  Chemistry Graduate School, Perdue University.

Dr. Justin Dragna (Ph.D. University of Texas, Austin).  Lecturer, UT Austin, post-doctoral researcher, and co-founder/Chief Technical Officer of Kymyk Technologies LLC.

Dr. Thomas Upton (Ph.D. University Southern California).  Senior Scientist (Chemistry) at Cenomed Biosciences, LLC).

Dr. Peng Yang.  (Ph.D., Dalian University of Technology).  Faculty position at Shen Yang Pharmaceutical University.

Dr. Mayuri Dighe (Ph.D., U. of Iowa).  Post-doctoral researcher, University of Oklahoma.

Dr. Kannupal Srinivasan, (Ph.D., University of Madras).  Faculty Position, Bharathidasan University, India.

Dr. Hao Sun, (Ph.D. U. of Miami).  Post doc., U. of Utah.

Dr. Melissa Latter (Ph.D., Flinders U., Australia).  ARC Post-Doctoral Fellow, Australia National University.

Dr. Zachery Laughrey, Proteomics Manager at Arizona State University.

Dr. Jiachang Gong, Senior Research Investigator, Bristol Myers Squibb.

Dr. Xuehe Li,  Senior Fellow, University of Washington, Department of Radiology.

Dr. Huaping Xi ALLICHEM LLC, Baltimore, Maryland.

Jodie O. Green Instructor, South Eastern University of Louisiana.

John-Henry Baird, Founder and owner of Florida Environmental Laboratories.