Wei Yao

Wei Yao originally come from Xi’an, China. He obtained his B.S. in Pharmacy and M.S. in Medicinal Chemsitry from China Pharmaceutical University (Nanjing). He joined the Gibb group in Nov. 2014. His research interest is about the synthesis of functionalized supramolecular cavitands for self-assembling polymeric systems.

1) Synthesis of 6-Substituted Phenanthridine Derivatives by Palladium-Catalysed Domino Suzuki-Miyaura/Aza-Michael Reactions, Bao, X.; Yao, W.; Zhu, Q.; and Xu, Y.; European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2014, 33, 7443-50, DOI:10.1002/ejoc.201402913