Students present at ACS National Meeting in New Orleans

Graduate students Matthew B. Hillyer, Jacobs H. Jordan, Matthew R. Sullivan, Anthony Wishard, and Wei Yao present their research at the 255th American Chemical Society National Meeting in New Orleans, LA March 18-22.

Jacobs’ oral presentation is titled: Reverse Hofmeister effects in synthetic hosts

Matt’s poster presentation (Sci-Mix) is titled: Salt induced switching of capsular assemblies mirrors the Hofmeister effect

Jacobs’ poster presentation (Sci-Mix) is titled: Getting specific about non-specific interactions: Functional group dependence for the inverse Hofmeister series

Anthony’s poster presentation (Sci-Mix) is titled: Larger assemblies and guest exchange in molecular containers

Wei’s poster presentation (Sci-Mix) is titled: Anion specific effect on protein aggregation and precipitation